About My Work

In 2017 I’ve started my own company Iternia specialised in datacenter and cloud infrastructure, including business to IT requirement definition, architecture, support & operations, processes & governance.

Currently I’m also still involved in 2 major cloud initiatives, Arxus NV and Uptime Elastix, offering a large amount of cloud solutions, both on private and public platforms.

Arxus is a hosting company based in Belgium, offering a variety of SaaS, IaaS and PaaS services to customers.

Founded in 2008, we’re working ever since on continuous solution innovation in multiple privately owned datacenters. Started as a small Microsoft HMC platform, we’ve long outgrown the ‘startup’ phase and are able to offer a large as-a-service portfolio. Our range of solutions include IaaS, managed IaaS, full virtual private datacenters, managed solutions (SaaS, Paas, both multi-tenant and custom built private environments), etc.

As part of  The Cronos Group we are surrounded by just about any IT-competence thinkable: from application, database, web, programming and infrastructure technology specialists to project managers, enterprise architects and much more. The sky is the limit and we’ve got anything at hand and the right people in our team to reach those clouds.

Uptime Elastix is a spinoff of Uptime Group NV. Uptime Group is traditionally built on competence centers with expert knowledge of on-premise infrastructure from floor and utilities over any infrastructure component up to server software, monitoring and management. Uptime Elastix aims to extend that expertise towards cloud solutions and cloud consultancy.

Our first pilar is ‘enablement’ to aid customers choose, implement, maintain and support cloud solutions. We make any solution land at the best possible location, without prejudice or preferences. Our other pilars consist of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions fueled by the knowledge and vendor relations already existing within the Uptime Group competence centers but with a totally new twist towards cloud.

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